Gold Jacket Green Jacket?

Good morning/noon/evening folks. We are Chubbs and Shooter, the  (self-proclaimed)  world’spremier movie, tv, and entertainment blog bringing you the viewer all the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether or not to waste that precious 2/24ths of your day on anything entertainment related, or if you do want to and its just a matter of being good enough. Either way, we got your back. Along the way we will bring you updates on the newest, most classic, and probably most importantly, the worst movies one can possibly wrap their brains around. We also will try to bring a layman’s approach to ranking movies unlike every other generic, and frankly annoying movie site on the planet. So don’t expect fancy movie meters and any of that bullshit. We will have it sorted into genres you understand i.e. the logical approach to ranking and watching movies. Bare with us, it may take some getting used to but we know it will work, we’re pros….

We have a combined 34 years experience in the industry (wink) and sadly we probably spend way too much time doing “research” and stuff we don’t get paid for, all for the sake of bringing you the most accurate, detailed analysis of the movies you love, or love to hate (wink). This site is a work in progress so CALM DOWN if it takes you more than 30 seconds to find what you are looking for because if thats the case, most likely it took us 30 minutes getting there. We love the feedback  so keep it coming and feel free to spread the word. Or if anyone has some connections with some executive producers, name drop and we can end this things right now.




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