For those critics who said that Bridesmaids was the female wedding version of The Hangover, take a big step back…This is a great flick and it had me laughing pretty much from start to finish but it isn’t the anomaly that birthed Zach Galifianakis. But there are elements to this movie that we haven’t seen before, like basically an all female cast.  That and a woman shitting in the street which I’m proud to say was a first for me.

Unfortunately there are some predictable plot lines that go on in this movie, like all other “my best friend is getting married” movies. Really, just think about it for a minute. I am about to describe almost all of those types of movies in the next 4 sentences. Best friend of the bride/groom is so happy for their friend and the movie starts off with how great the pair is as friends. Antagonist is introduced creating a wedge between both characters. Characters grow apart, leaving the single friend to self analyze and eventually have a breakthrough from a third party i.e. a relative or single person from the opposite sex they meet along the way. Single friend (now with significant other) comes to the rescue of the marrying friend and saves the day (mentally or physically) while the movie wraps up with a nice bow, having all parties met the person of their dreams etc etc etc. Apply this outline to any future script ever written for the class of movie and the only thing separating one from another is the comedic or dramatic filler in between. Bridesmaids just happens to go the extremely comedic route.

I have to say Kristen Wiig really shows up in this movie along with her friend Ricky Gervais…I mean Melissa McCarthy. Seriously people, they are replicas of one another. Give McCarthy a buzz cut and a British accent and cloning has officially arrived. Nevertheless she is hilarious and somewhat steals the show, or at least helps you forget that Maya Rudolph is in the movie in the first place.

Seriously, same person.

There are some amazingly awkward and hilarious scenes in this one and it really does the job, just not sure if it’s one of those classic requotables like the Hangover was/is. It won’t stand up in the test of time in the comedy realm but it certainly is one of the best shows of 2011 with all the shit and garbage that’s been floating around the past few months.

Chubbsandshooter rating = 8.1


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