First off, gotta say Ed Norton was in my top 10 greatest actors of our generation for some of the stuff he has done, but im coming to the realization it was more about me wanting him to knock out the likes of Brad Pitt, but he just pumped out another flop in Stone. Spoiler alert: let me wrap this one up in 1 to 2 sentences. Ed Norton aka Stone, mind fucks his girl and DiNero into letting him out of prison a whopping 2 years early. In the process, DiNero takes a look back on his shitty life and realizes he’s a scumbag and everything falls down around him. Besides the shitty sex scene with the chick from Resident Evil (check that off the Bucket List) it was practically the opposite of a Pantie Dropper. Actually, fuck pantie dropper, no one should have to sit through something like this. Your welcome world, this is us just laying down and taking one for the team here. Now there is some decent individual acting done, and you get to hear Ed talk like a thug which is kinda weird but still cool. DiNero is just awful and its sad to see him dilute his acting career with shit like this (also see Righteous Kill). Point being it should not be watched ever. And for the record Ed would get raped like clock work looking like this bitch in any prison with angry criminals roaming around.


ChubbsandShooter rating: 3.4



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